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Meet Shaharrah Lee the first mom to join our HOYA program (House of Young Achievers).

Shaharrah came into our program October 31, 2019, 4 months pregnant, in school and working a part time job. Being a first-time mom, she was nervous and scared and was referred to our mentoring program by another mom who participated in our program. She was going through some situations at home and was seeking guidance and somebody she could trust. I was happy to be that somebody!

Shaharrah was worried about finishing her last year of high school and wanted to graduate on time making this a priority no matter what. After her baby was born in February 2020, she was able to do her schoolwork for the rest of the semester and she graduated in June with her daughter on her hip.

After working with her and understanding her situation more I wanted to give her a place to call home and be stable to achieve her goals. I offered her to be the first mom in our HOYA program which I started in my apartment. She was in a tough living situation, so I thought let’s do it! She and the baby moved in, and she wasted no time to start working on her goals. She obtained a better job with more hours, found daycare, and started working on learning to drive. One of my volunteers /mentors helped her with driving lessons weekly, took her to take the driver's test and in 2021 she was able to purchase her first car with the assistance of her mentor Dawn Heller.

Shaharrah had a few setbacks, but with the support of me and her mentor, we pushed her to continue pushing for all that GOD had for her. Today in 2022 she will be moving into her very first apartment in August. I am so proud of her and her determination to be a better parent to her daughter. I am sad to see her go but glad to see her grow.

We are asking for help to support her on her journey of independence. Help us pay 3 months of rent so she can get ahead. Shaharrah has worked very hard to get to this point and your donations will help her continue to be independent and give her security and stability for her and her baby. She can also use household items and cleaning supplies. Anything you can give will be appreciated please contact Ms. Houston for drop off or pick up of items. 


To ensure that every young mother have the opportunity to give their children safe, affordable, and stable housing.
Please consider donating to this program. Your donation will help us provide affordable housing for young mothers. 
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